We  specialize in corporate interior casework for the following:

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Showroom Architectural Millwork

Paul Wesley Construction A.C.C. Media Wall, copyright.jpeg (551845 bytes)   Rift_Sawn_White_Oak_Wall_Panels_copyright_Paul_Wesley_Construction_A.C.C..jpg (81738 bytes)


Commercial Facility Casework

Commercial_Warehouse_Lockerscopyright.jpg (261319 bytes)        Break Room, Copyright.jpg (531015 bytes)

Medical Clinics & Hospitals

Chiro..jpg (23130 bytes)                    Medical T.I.png (27525 bytes)


Cafe in Hospital.jpg (177738 bytes)                     Architectural laminate casework with Corian top.jpg (300723 bytes) 

Elevator Millwork.jpg (122588 bytes)  Video Conference Center.jpg (154172 bytes)     



Fine Arts Classroom.jpg (344464 bytes)



Reception Centers

Reception_Center.jpg (117985 bytes) Corporate Reception Center.jpg (284759 bytes)  Heliponets - Reception Center.jpg (109757 bytes)


Commercial Kitchens


                       Restaurant Casework, Copyright, Paul Wesley Construction A.C.C.jpg (785531 bytes)    Assisted Living Commercial, Copyright.jpg (42602 bytes)

 Coffee Bar.jpg (54601 bytes) Coffee Pastry Case.jpg (34403 bytes)  Cafe laminate casework solid surface countertops.jpg (422030 bytes)

                                    Corporate Cafe Casework.jpg (490239 bytes)      Cafeteria Casework.jpg (142982 bytes)                                            



Veterinary Clinics  

Tobacco Jungle Cabinets.jpg (241140 bytes)Custom Cage Base.jpg (230956 bytes)        Copper Canyon Countertop.jpg (186513 bytes)  



Custom Podiums


Retail Stores 


Eiffel Tower Pink.jpg (240517 bytes)                 Point of Sale Station.jpg (396325 bytes)       



Our facility and showroom